All Good Things Must Come to an End

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

We need to begin at the end to begin again. I think someone said that, and I probably need to quote it. It is totally Googleable, but I am on a strict timeline here. Gosh, aren’t we all? That is the impetus for this site: time.

Is That the Time?

There just isn’t enough time for all of the good things in life. That means we have to prioritize. I mean, don’t we all just want a month away with our spouse in Europe, and to snuggle our partner, kiddos, and pets on the couch all day long, and to garden, and practice hygge, and take long walks, and…..

If we could just put all of this to the front of the line, we’d be in business. But, business is how we get there, and I think at some point we lost what is at the heart of business – relationships. Relationships are what make the every day doable. They are what allow us to put in the time and energy into a vocation so that we can make the time (and money) to do the things we really want .

Let’s Break it Down

The truth is, human beings simply carry too much around. This isn’t static. There are times of reprieve, but, at other times, we carry things, sometimes all the things, and they become too heavy. At some point in time we break, and there is a rebuilding of sorts that happens. Many people do this in silence. I like to talk about it. But that is another day and another blog post. The problem with being heavy all the time is you don’t have time to listen, to empathize, to build relationships.


Don’t you HATE it when you go to a website for just a bit of information, and you have to read the author’s life history to see how she makes cheesecake. And what does cheesecake have to do with relationships or transactions? Not. a. thing.

I am a tangent PRO! In a nutshell, time is limited, life is short, stop farting around. Have relationships with the people in your life, with the clients you love. Maybe make some money. Donate some, take a trip with some. Just remember that balance is bullshit and all good must things must come to an end – so enjoy them while they are happening.

Speaking Of

We are very much on limited time here. I’ve just applied to Graduate School. Bananas, right? The time has arrived. Wish me luck. I have to be accepted into the program. Then I have two years to share my wisdom with you before I move on to share it with my elementary students. I am embracing my multipotentialite status! Want to know what that is? You’ll need to sign up for my newsletter. Or it is Googleable. But the newsletter is better. Promise.


Christa Landingham is CEO and owner of CLL, LLC Consulting and Freelance. She wants to pet your dog and is probably at the thrift store right now. People call her weird because she says Raisinettes are her favorite candy. We know you are going to ask. Adam, her husband, is 6’7″ and, yes, he played basketball in high school. He was fine. Also, yes, those blonde headed kids with her are her ‘natural’ children. Yes, they are twins. They are a boy and girl, so, no, they are not identical. The mutt’s name is Griffin Hockney, and he is going to bark at you and try to snatch your food. If you can’t find Christa anywhere, check the garden.