Business Planning – flesh out an idea, get help with data research, and get assistance building or revamping your plan.

Sales Training (all levels) – learn basic best practices or sharpen your game with tips, tricks, and local contacts. 

Data Analysis – crunch the numbers (I can help, because we both know you probably keep putting off this task).

Office Organization – restructure workflow, optimize space, or create better information management systems for increased productivity.

Newsletters – get help setting one up, sending one out, or hire me to simply take it off your hands. 

Media Consulting and Freelancing – because, ugh, social media is totally necessary (and I happen to be a pro).


I was trained in business planning and development by State Farm and have helped several small businesses launch.

Sales is a dirty word. I appreciate educating people on the benefits of working with a particular company. I’ve helped grow two leading State Farm teams with agents who went into leadership and have added a 6+ figure revenue stream annually to a popular local business – 6 years and counting.

It costs you money to ignore your data. I can look it over for you or can teach you how to use it to manage your business.

I’ve worked in several office environments including educational and commercial. I have a keen eye for layout and spacial use. I can help you finally get things in order.

I have an average open rate of 45.8% across my current email campaigns. Marketing, advertising and media email campaigns average 25%-32%. I am +13% high end.

I’ve been in it for years and know the tips and tricks. Work with me – hassle free.

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